Ways to Make Your Grandparents Feel Special

Grandparents play a very vital role in a person’s life. They are the bridge between parent and friend, yet they contain a unique love of their own. Who says showing appreciation to grandparents is limited to only one day a year? This year, Grandparents Day is September 8th. Show them appreciation for the love they share even when you live miles apart with these ways to make your grandparents feel special.

A Spontaneous Reminder of How much You Care

A hand-written letter or a call on their birthday, all a grandparent really wants is to know that they are loved and appreciated no matter how much time has passed by. We all have busy lives. Sometimes the juggle between social life and your job poses enough of a challenge. Trying to get away to visit your grandparents feels like asking life if you can borrow a million dollars. It’s unlikely, but you gave it a shot. It’s not that you don’t want to go see them. Life just gets overwhelmingly busy, and you are tired... so tired. We know the struggle. That’s why we are here with the best gifts to send grandparents when you can’t be around, starting with a spontaneous reminder of how much you care.

Consider a traditional arrangement as an expression of how much you care, even when you aren’t around. These are one of the easiest and perhaps the most effective gifts to send grandparents. Flowers are often crowd pleasers. It is nearly impossible to get it wrong because they are nearly guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face. If the fact you are thinking of your grandparents doesn’t excite them enough, sending flowers spontaneously will make you the topic of bingo night.

If you are planning to have flowers delivered to your grandparents, there are a few cautions to consider. Check to see if there are any allergies or disabilities. If your grandparents are prone to allergies, you should consider hydrangeas, carnations, tulips or roses. Stray away from chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies and goldenrod because they can make allergies flair. Talk with us about your options.

If you are sending flowers to a grandparent in the hospital, it is important to consider the flower’s fragrance. Roses, lavender and hyacinth are beautiful but very fragrant flowers. They can pose as an issue for anyone in the hospital who is sensitive to smells.

If flowers are your go-to gifts to send your grandparents because you live miles away and you want to change things up, consider a fresh-from-the-garden plant delivered straight to their door. Every time they go to water and take care of it, they’ll think of you. They’ll get more use out of a plant. They’ll be able to love and cherish it for longer, and it gets them moving, too. Dish gardens are another viable option.

Our florists at Distinctive Floral Designs in Slidell, LA, are here to help make any day Grandparents Day with a gift to send grandparents even when you are not around.

A Personalized Gift They Can Treasure Forever

A personalized gift is an easy gift to send grandparents (even when you are not around). Personalized gifts can vary immensely. The personalized gift you choose may differ from one someone else chooses. It should reflect who your grandparent is to you and what they love.

For the nana who loves to cook, consider a personalized cutting board. Every time your nana makes her world-famous dinners, she’ll think of you. A personalized cutting board is something she will use often and will last her for a long time.

If your grandparents are coffee drinkers, consider sending them personalized coffee mugs. Every time they sit to enjoy their morning coffee, they’ll think of you. Many websites offer a variety of options for personalized grandparent mugs. Any and all of them can be delivered straight to their door on Grandparents Day or any day of the year.

A personalized Nana, Papa, Grandma or Grandpa frame is an ideal gift to send grandparents. Like the personalized mugs, personalized grandparent frames can be delivered straight to your door. Choose a grandparent frame with a cute quote such as: “Only the best parents get promoted to grandparents.” An alternative option would be a personalized title frame such as “World's Best Papa.”

A personalized frame with an updated photo of the kids, grandkids and/or great grandkids are gifts that can be sent anytime of the year, and you know it will always be treasured. This is a great gift to send beyond Grandparents Day and into the rest of the year. This is a great way to keep your grandparents feeling included no matter the distance. Send photos. They cherish them more than you know.

If you want to go beyond a personalized frame, consider taking the time to make a scrapbook. The thought you put into it allows you to personalize it as much as your heart desires. This personalized gift can make any distance feel shorter and any relationship grow stronger.

If you don’t have the time to put a scrapbook together, there are many online options that allow you to have photos printed directly into an album and delivered to their door. You also have the option to go to your local Walgreens or CVS and have one printed within hours. Having it printed online saves you a trip to the post office because gift delivery is available but picking one up in person gives you the option to look over it first.

Get to Know Your Grandparents with Something Nostalgic.

Miles between you can easily deter growth. It’s sad because our time with grandparents is so limited. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century where miles are crossed with a simple phone call. If you are looking for gift ideas or are just hoping to stumble across one, just pick up the phone and call. You’ll be surprised what inspiration comes from a simple conversation.

Talk about life, both yours and theirs. Encourage them to tell stories about how they grew up and memories that have stuck with them. This should be a part of our routines, but let’s face it, life gets in the way. It takes that extra step of effort to truly show your grandparents you care even when you live miles apart.

Like any relationship, it takes work. It takes making time for the people we love. A phone call can mean the world to them but taking that time to learn something about them and their past can lead to great inspiration for gifts on Grandparents Day or any day. Plus, it helps build a more cherished relationship between the two of you. If you have kids, encourage them to talk on the phone, too. They will thank you for that time later.

It may be an old board game they played as a child or an old action figure that brings back memories. A cherished gift can come from unlikely places. Learning about the simple things can lead to a fun and memorable gift and a memory lived on.

Incorporate their Favorite Things.

If grandma has a kitchen decked out in chicken décor, your job is made easier. If grandpa knows every fact known to man about the Yankees, what are your waiting for? Sometimes the best gift ideas are the ones you already have in the back of your mind.

It doesn’t have to be something related to a hobby or interest; it can be related to a memory. If you look back at a photo or consistently reflect on a specific memory, use that to your advantage when looking for a gift that your grandparents will love.

Those porch swing memories may just be the inspiration you need to make Grandparents Day the best one yet. Collect that inspiration and use it as a guide. Maybe grandma and grandpa need a new porch swing. This may be a little pricier gift, but the sentiment will be priceless.

The next time you make it over to your grandparent's house, you can do some repairs yourself. Give those memories some life with a little TLC. Sand down that old porch swing, add a fresh coat of paint and maybe even reupholster the cushions. If grandma is looking to revamp the swing’s overall style, go look for material together.

Incorporate their Pride and Joys.

Let’s face it. A grandparent will never not appreciate a gift from their grandbabies... or inspired by their grandbabies. An engraved family tree can be just the gift you need. Personalization.com offers one that holds up to 50 names on coordinating discs. This opens the door for opportunity to add on for any occasion or just because. The bottom of the tree’s base has a space for an engraved plaque. This lets you personalize to your heart’s desire.

With every year comes new branches, new leaves and new names. With every day that goes by and every moment that passes, your time gets a little shorter, and so does your opportunities to share it with your grandparents.

Show them time has no boundaries when it comes to the love and appreciation you have for your grandparents. A personalized calendar filled with photos of their kids and grandkids can be exactly what they need to make waiting for their trip to see you or you to see them a little easier.

Every time they go to cross off a day on the calendar, they will be encouraged by the faces of those they love.

The ABSOLUTE #1 Way to Make Your Grandparents Feel Special...

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments.”- Rose Kennedy

Time is a gift we can’t get back. However, we can give of our time to make up for what we have lost. We can’t change the past, but we can live our best in the present. Every second of our time is at priceless value. In both good times and bad, it is important to appreciate the time given and live it to its best.

This Grandparents Day, call your grandparents. They want to hear from you. The absolute #1 gift you can give your grandparents to make them feel special is your time. Try to make the time to see them at least once a year. The crazier life gets and the more kids you have, the harder it gets to take time off and travel, but if you can, it is so worth it. Money can be made. Time is something you can’t get back.

There is no amount of money that can be made that is worth the memories you and your kids can make with grandparents. The time spent together doesn't have to cost a lot or be extravagant. Conversations on a porch swing, cooking together in the kitchen or watching sports in the comfort of the living room are memories that will last far longer than any material gift. Those memories are worth far more than any amount of money.

If you are looking for ways to make your grandparents feel special and you live miles apart, consider what will make them smile. Use flowers to bridge the gap. If you are planning a trip to see them, send them a beautiful bouquet breaking the good news on the card.

“Happy Grandparents Day! We love you. Sorry, we aren’t there, but we will be soon....” Add whatever details makes it personal to you and your family. Gestures like these stick in both your heart and theirs. Don’t forget the people who mean the most to you, and you will have no regrets.

Never regret missing out because the time wasn’t there. Make time, and you (and your grandparents) will reap the benefits of the memories, priceless moments and lessons that cannot be replaced.

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