Everything You Need for Prom (and more)

Prom is more than your stereotypical high school scene dating back generations. It is a milestone carried on long past high school. Whether you choose to embrace it is up to you. It is here to stay. Be prepared to take on the night with a checklist of everything you need for prom and just a little bit more.

No one wants to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to high school. Clicks, clicks and more clicks- high school clicks are a phenomenon like no other. Although we hope to grow out of clicks, clicks carry on into our workplace and even into our homes. You can’t help who you get along with.

Although we wish there was some magic age where gossip fades and clicks diminish, the result is unlikely. It becomes a personal choice whether to participate in such clichés. The point of prom is not to promote the high school hierarchy. It is a time in a young person’s life where dressing up, splurging and living in the moment is not only acceptable; it is encouraged.

D... D... DA... Date.

Number one on your list of musts for prom is the one thing everyone wants to put off. Finding a date for prom adds so much unnecessary pressure. It is important to remember that your date to prom doesn’t have to be someone you are romantically involved with.

Your date to prom can make or break the night itself. No company is better than bad company. Go to prom solo and meet up with friends to get ready, get dinner and carpool. If you are dead set on going to prom with your crush or have already planned on going with your significant other, think of some fun things to do that night.

Plan out photos with someone you trust. Slip away and get photos taken that you'll love. There is no avoiding the parental prom photoshoots, but if you can get away and take some fun photos together, it will be a great icebreaker for the night. Plus, they will be some great memories to look back on.

With the right outfit, you can take on the world!

Your outfit is number two on our list for taking on prom. The reason it falls under a date in prom priority is because color coordinating is a prom must. Whether you are matching your date or want to have complimentary colors for photos with your best friends, your outfit should reflect who you are.

Choosing complimentary colors to whomever you may be going to prom with is an ideal way to make your prom photos POP! Have fun with a shaded ensemble with your besties. Pick a park or a cute coffee shop and have a fun prom photoshoot.

Beyond the traditional dress or suit and tie, consider adding in some personal touches. Pair some converse with your outfits or fun corsages and boutonnieres that match your personality. It’s all in the details is not only accurate it's a prom priority. Our florists at Distinctive Floral Design in Slidell, LA, can help with all your floral accessory needs.

Better Safe than Sorry.

When it comes to prom, it is better safe than sorry. It is important to pack all your prom essentials in order to enjoy prom without worrying about what could come. Prom night is meant for making memories, feeling your best and taking on all that the night has to offer. It is important to be prepared for anything that could be thrown your way.

One of the most important things to take with you for prom is a sewing kit. That’s right... a sewing kit. Nothing is worse than an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. It’s prom. You should be feeling your best and taking on the night without worrying about a tear in your dress or a broken button. Wardrobe malfunctions can be both embarrassing and annoying. Consider taking a pocket-sized sewing kit to slip into your purse or to leave in your car.

Packing a few hygiene products are a great way to ensure a prom without mishaps. A travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste are great to keep on hand any day, especially for prom. It ensures that no matter what you eat, you’ll still have mint-fresh breath. If you aren’t feeling it, pack some gum and breath mints. Fresh breath helps ensure confidence.

Hygiene products are an important thing to take with you to prom. Whether it stays in your car or in you or your date’s purse, having the essential hygiene products on hand will be one less thing to worry about at prom. It is better to have too much than not enough. Prom is meant to make good memories not embarrassing ones. Be prepared because it is always better safe than sorry.

You may not ever have everything you’ll need for prom. We can’t pack up confidence and self-assurance and ship it to your house. We can’t make you a ballroom dancer or Ms. Universe. However, we can make sure you have everything you need and just a little bit more with these few essentials for prom. Our florists at Distinctive Floral Design in Slidell, LA, are also here to help ensure that every date has the proper corsage or bouquet delivered to their door.

Prom is beautiful, and we want to be a part of those memories and all they entail. Gather up your courage, ask out your crush, rock that outfit and be prepared for one of the most memorable times in your young life. From our family to you on your big night, we wish you a memorable night with everything you need for prom and a little more.

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